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09-Jan-2018 14:38

They also love foreigners, especially if you are from the US.We dealt with the typical bigotry many multicultural couples deal with from both white and black Americans.In the past, the father of the husband who died in the war had the right to take the wife. Another difference with Albanians is when I compared the Albanians in Albania and in Macedonia (FYROM) or southern Serbian province (partly recognized as a state itself) “Kosovo and Metochia”.

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His study is one of the few in this area and the basis of most cross-cultural, romantic attitude related studies.

However, what gives them their exotic looks is they are more of a mixed of Greek, Slavic, Turkish, Roman and other people around Albania, there are about seven million Albanians in the world and maybe two million single Albanian girls.

Below I give you some basic ideas about their culture but more important websites where to meet them.

However, very little research has been conducted to clearly state how much and how different Albanian and American college students are in the way they love.

Results indicate that Americans are more romantic than Albanians.

One reason I would not consider Albaniangirls for love is they do not practice their faith.