Tweetdeck search not updating couchsurfing dating site

22-Nov-2017 04:56

Even more than I tweet, I'm on Twitter — reading, engaging, linking, tracking news, hanging out. And until today, I only very rarely used the best-known "pro" desktop Twitter client, Tweet Deck.

But now Tweet Deck (which is owned by Twitter) has finally updated to a new 1.3 version that I think I can proudly use and recommend – at least to other slightly mental Twitter users, who, like myself, can take advantage of what Tweet Deck can do to monitor a ton of information on a big screen.

I am also facing the same problem and this is happening on my production server. Is it that inclusion of "username" in search like REST API v1.1 is not included in Streaming API ?

This is a huge change on Twitter's part to include username in searching. Please confirm if scenario i mentioned above wont exist in Streaming API, if it is so then will then discard REST API because i am facing huge problem of username match in search Is there any way out except restricting few username like you mentioned (-from:username1) because while searching we cant predict which username can match the query?

While Twitter never officially killed off Tweet Deck, the product has languished from lack of development over the last several years.

Hey there, Wanted to quickly let you know that our awesome extension guy Dan has just released a Tweet Deck integration (wahooo). If you’re keen to try this beta version out, do you want to head to this link: to download the last version 2.10.2?

This integration will work in the web app, hopefully we can also integrate with the mac app sometime down the track!

Besides an earlier version of Tweet Deck on my desktop at work, I'm a fan of two apps. On my Mac Book Pro, I exclusively use (and heartily evangelize) a little-known but absolutely amazing native Cocoa app called Yoru Fukurou.(And now you know that I’m also a Mac and i Phone user.

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I fired up Tweet Deck in Windows 8 and couldn’t find any differences, but I didn’t perform an exhaustive comparative review on each OS.)In version 1.3, Tweet Deck has basically caught up with Yoru Fukurou and Tweet Bot in feature parity.

Click Get Started to start using Tweet Deck and move on to the scheduling feature.

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