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When the curtain came down, the lanky producer-director — already famous for staging the avant-garde play Look Back In Anger and making the film A Taste Of Honey — went backstage to see her.The meeting was brief, possibly because she was with her mother, the actress Rachel Kempson.As Tony Richardson settled into his seat in the stalls, he wasn’t expecting much.He’d seen As You Like It before, and there was no clue to suggest this production would be any better. The moment Vanessa Redgrave appeared on stage — ‘like a sinuous golden flame’, he said later — he knew with complete certainty that they belonged together.Actress Natasha Richardson (May 11, 1963 - March 18, 2009) was born in London and was the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and director and producer Tony Richardson.Natasha Richardson married actor Liam Neeson on July 3, 1994.On March 16, 2009 while taking a skiing lesson at the Mont Tremblant Resort in Quebec, Canada, Richardson sustained a head injury after a fall.

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Bounding up to the stage in a tent-like black velvet dress, Redgrave was handed the Best Supporting Actress Oscar – for her role as the anti-Nazi heroine in Julia – by John Travolta, and then took the microphone.

It was a short speech, in which Redgrave thanked the Academy for standing up to intimidation to give her the award, and promised to continue to defend the rights of Jews around the world – but in doing so she referred to the actions of “a small bunch of Zionist hoodlums”.

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