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To be a modern movie star, quite frankly, you need to be fit. Because you never know when you're going to be asked to take your shirt off. At this rate he wouldn't have time for a double-fried fish supper even if he wanted one. I've been developing this CIA thing with Televisa in the USA and we thought we'd be filming now but the scripts weren't quite right, so that's taking time. But I certainly understand it more than I did in the beginning." The beginning for the Glenrothes-born actor was back at the start of the 1990s when, after cutting his teeth on the stage, he started turning up on our screens in bit parts in Lovejoy and Taggart. I wanted to be in movies but, really I was interested in independent films and I wanted to do theatre. I thought that would be interesting to play." Bit of a stretch that, isn't it? What he liked about the script, he says, was how different it felt to any other zombie thing he'd seen (or appeared in presumably). Even in our short time together the dirtiness of politics is something he circles around to more than once.

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The aforementioned TV series Full Circle falls squarely into that ballpark.

Ian Hainsworth was Susan Mayer's wealthy British boyfriend and eventual fiancé in season 3.

Ian and Susan met under similar circumstances at a local hospital, seeing as how their better-halves had been tragically put in comatose states.

A lot of actors can doubt their talent, so I would say to my younger self, “Don’t ever doubt yourself.

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You get knocked down, you get up and you dust yourself off and you keep on going.” How did you get your SAG-AFTRA card? I even was an accountant’s assistant for some time.

I can't say I have visual evidence of his six pack (It wasn't that kind of interview frankly. "You kind of admire that." Read more: Howson unveils apocalyptic vision for New York show Admire, perhaps, but not emulate. But mainly for me, if I'm not exercising I feel messy. One year he'd be romancing Drew Barrymore in Ever After, then pulling villainous faces at Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible II the next (but one). As a result Scott possibly missed out on superstardom. In The Rezort he plays a zombie hunter at a resort where tourists come to shoot chained up zombies. His character also doesn't have much to say for himself. His grandfather had served in the regiment during the First World War.